9 Metrics To Help You Make Wise Decisions About Your Startup

Startups often feel like they are at the center of a massive crossroads. Each path has at least one person waving them on with the promise of a growth hack that will turn their crawling, infant business into one that walks and talks.   Who do you listen to and which metrics do you use to measure your startup? It’s a difficult pair of questions to answer and the constant chirping of everyone sharing their opinion on what’s important for your business doesn’t help.   The truth is that you can’t listen to the majority of these outside voices, no matter how much marketing experience they have. Your startup has its own set of challenges and obstacles that only you can understand and appreciate because you’ve been there from the very beginning. For the startup, you need to understand what is sem and how it works. So, let’s back to the point.   Ultimately, you need to make a decision on the metrics to listen to. To help you make that choice easier, here are 9 metrics that will imp

Digital Marketing Strategy For Small Business

  Small businesses need to rely on cost-effective marketing strategies to get their business growing. Luckily, online digital channels are extremely powerful and often require little-or-no investment of money. Even a small business with no budget can build a successful digital marketing strategy.   That said, you need to know where to start and what digital marketing strategies have the most promise for a small business. There are a lot of digital marketing channels available, so it is really crucial to choose the ones with the most to offer! Google My Business Search engines, especially Google, are must-haves in any digital marketing strategy. This is where people look for new businesses and discover solutions to their problems. You have prospective customers searching for you on Google and you need to be there to capitalize!   For many small businesses, creating a Google My Business page is the first step. If you operate locally, this is an absolute must. A Google My Busi

Top 10 Reasons You Should Rethink Your Paid Search Strategy

 Complacency is a silent killer of otherwise successful paid search strategies. When marketers stop rethinking and continuously improving their accounts and campaigns, they stop moving forward and begin sliding back. The world of paid search is always changing, which means there is no such thing as a perfect strategy. Rethinking your efforts is a necessary step in the optimization process. Here are 10 reasons why you can’t delay in rethinking your PPC marketing. 1. The Landscape Is Changing As mentioned, change is inevitable. Ad platforms change, audience behaviors and attitudes shift, competitors adjust their strategies, and so on. If you aren’t recognizing these shifts and adjusting your campaigns accordingly, then you are ignoring the future and essentially becoming a PPC dinosaur. Don’t prepare for extinction, work to thrive! 2. Your Competitors Are Rethinking Their Strategies Your competitors are also aware of the shifts occurring in paid search and they are already adap